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Track: WE HAVE MICHIGAN LOTTERY TICKETS! COOLEST TICKETS YET! (Remaining instant games prizes Michigan lottery).
Michigan lottery instant games prizes remaining

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Michigan lottery instant games prizes remaining


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PRIZES REMAINING. As of 11/8/ View all Games. Jump To: $1 Games $2 Games $3 Games , Instant Keno. , Sizzlin' Wild Time. , Tax Free. $50, Triple Diamonds Game Logo. $50, Triple Diamonds. Top Prize: $50, Price: $ Find a Retailer. $, Bonus. Top Prize: $, Here is a look at the instant lottery games that have large jackpot prizes remaining. All three of the $, top prizes for the Loaded game.
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Michigan lottery instant games prizes remaining

These are the top remaining instant lottery tickets prizes in Michigan Four prizes worth $, in the Tax Free $,00 game have yet to. The lottery introduces about 72 instant games a year, each shipped to "They should get rid of the games if there's no top prize left -- that's.

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Michigan lottery instant games prizes remaining

Michigan Lottery selling scratch games...

If you haven't already, check out the About Us page that explains the main features of our site. As of Monday, five of the 38 instant games that are shipped to Michigan retailers no longer offer grand prizes: Relying on some flier that is old anyway is a waste of time.

Subscribe to this news story. Store owners, who keep 6 percent of their lottery sales, don't see a problem. I like it because it helps the retailer get rid of all the lower prizes and non winners and I don't like it if I'm the one playing the machine all the way done to find there is no big winner left in it.

Both old and new games are sold in stores, and lottery officials aren't sure how many tickets from old games remain on store shelves.

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Games allowed: Bingo games.


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Why is that so hard, just hook up some computer programs. In a way I like it and I don't. We try to include instructions on each page. Both old and new games are sold in stores, and lottery officials aren't sure how many tickets from old games remain on store shelves.

That is why ALL state websites should update this info daily. I've redone my website.

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A few years back they changed it so you could cash them at any lottery retailer. As of Monday, five of the 38 instant games still shipped to stores no longer offer grand prizes. VAL Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. But it's still sold widely. His lips are moving.

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