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Track: Cereal Prize Commercials - Remember When? (80s the box prizes Cereal from).
Cereal box prizes from the 80s

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Cereal box prizes from the 80s

Twenty Wacky Retro Cereal Box Prizes -

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Glow-in-the-dark pens! Spy kits! Terrariums! We dig deep into the past to find these toys.

Like many of you, I grew up in a time when cereal companies would put actual prizes in cereal boxes. I used to love buying cereal with prizes. This list is dedicated to prizes that were physically in a box of cereal. pic image. # We think this prize was offered in late 70s or early 80s. More information. 70s and 80s" on Pinterest. Cereal Box Records- The best cereal box prizes! Vintage "Circus Fun" Cereal Box Art Cereal Killer, Cereal Boxes, Kids Cereal.
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Cereal box toys became a staple of breakfasts dating back as far as the s. It's the simplest prizes that were the most fun and long-lasting (You hear us, in toy longevity, it made up for with ridiculously 80s commercials. 70s and 80s" on Pinterest. Cereal Box Records- The best cereal box prizes! Vintage "Circus Fun" Cereal Box Art Cereal Killer, Cereal Boxes, Kids Cereal.
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Cereal prizes have all but disappeared, but we'll always remember a Inside almost every box of cereal was a game, toy, or random . time it was in the 80s when they added a digital watch inside boxes of their tasty cereal. The 15 free cereal toys EVERY 80s and 90s kid will remember, including Breakfast lovers could turn their Ricicles cereal box into a puppet.

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Cereal box prizes from the 80s

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Cereal box prizes from the 80s

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Quaker Oats Roy Rogers Head. This certainly seemed to be the most logical, if not sadly boring, prize inside the box. Cereal prizes have slowly faded away as well. What Dinersaurs lacked in toy longevity, it made up for with ridiculously 80s commercials.

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Or drag a file here to upload. Take that, Ghost Detector! There was a time you could find a tiny plastic thingamajig in the bottom of every box. General Mills, Post and Kellogg's gave away everything from toy cars and rockets to binoculars and decoder rings.

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Kellogg's Cereal Prize Vault commercial 1983



  • Cereal box toys became a staple of breakfasts dating back as far as the s. It's the simplest prizes...
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What Happened to Toys in Cereal Boxes?

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Last year, Cracker Jack got rid of physical prizes inside their snack boxes.
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Cereal box toys became a staple of breakfasts dating back as far as the s.
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