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Track: Nobel Prize 2018 (Conference awards and Business history prizes).
Business history conference prizes and awards

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Business history conference prizes and awards

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The Grants and Prizes Committee oversees the awards, grants, and prizes of the BHC. This committee is directly responsible for selection of recipients of the. This prize is for the best book in business history (broadly defined) and consists of a medallion and $2,, which are presented at the annual meeting of the BHC. Given the nature of the award's funding and establishment (through the. The BHC will hold its annual meeting at the Baltimore Embassy Suites Inner Rachel Gross receives Krooss prize from Christopher McKenna.
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The Business History Conference (BHC) is a scholarly organization devoted to encouraging all The BHC sponsors a number of awards and prizes, including the Hagley Prize in Business History and the Cambridge Journals Article Prize;. The BHC will hold its annual meeting at the Baltimore Embassy Suites Inner Rachel Gross receives Krooss prize from Christopher McKenna.

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Business history conference prizes and awards

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This page was last edited on 11 Septemberat The Kerr Prize Committee will evaluate the papers in advance, selecting up to 15 finalists whose presentations they will attend during the annual meeting. The Business history conference prizes and awards shall be solicited for nominations for the Williamson Prize six months before the prize winner is to be selected. It appoints standing subcommittees that award the Krooss and Oxford Journals Article prizes, and it monitors the Hagley Prize and graduate student travel grants.

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  • A prize of $5, is awarded annually for a book...
  • Organization of American Historians: Business History Conference Annual Meeting
  • Business History Conference (BHC) Prizes – At the Business History Conference's annual meeting in Denver, Colorado, March April.

Grants & Prizes

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This committee is directly responsible for selection of recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Harold F.
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The Business History Conference BHC is a scholarly organization devoted to encouraging all aspects of research, writing, and teaching about business history and about the environment in which businesses operate.
19.07.2018 at 19:26
Given the nature of the award's funding and establishment through the generosity of the Hagley Museum and Library of Wilmington, Delaware, one of the nation's most significant research libraries dedicated to the history of business , the Grants and Prizes Committee will advise the Hagley representative and the BHC President about who would be a suitable person to serve as the third member of the three-person selection committee.
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